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Have you ever been looking through one (or all) of the food delivery apps trying to decide what’s for dinner? You spend 30 minutes scrolling menus, settling on something you didn’t want anyways, THEN waiting an hour for it to get delivered. In reality, all you really wanted was some home-style food that reminds you of Mom’s cooking.
Problem solved. Introducing HotMeels, home-style dinners delivered hot & ready-to-eat to your door.

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Choose from our generously portioned individual meals, or our Family-Style meals for up to 6 people!


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Your meal comes delivered to your door, hot & ready-to-eat… For Free!

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First entre FREE! Plus, save up to 20% off your order when choosing multiple meals per week!

It's Not JUST Dinner...

Your meal is being prepared by true culinary professionals. We are putting local restaurants and catering companies back to work that have been devastated by the COVID pandemic. You can be confident that with every order, you are not only feeding YOUR family a delicious & well balanced meal, but also helping us to feed OUR families as well.

My Mother-In-Law showed up with lasagna one night, right at 6pm, ready to eat. Literally 2 minutes after my wife & I started the daily conversation of “What should we do for dinner”. It was such a relief to us! I thought to myself… How can we make this happen more often? Well, here we are. Meels. Home-style dinners delivered hot & ready-to-eat to your door.”

-Tony Cummins, founder, Meels LLC.

Here are a few items that you can find on our menu.
To see what's available this week...


Scalloped Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes With Gravy

Peach Cobbler​

Baked Mac n Cheese

Green Bean Casserole​

Soups and Salads

House Salad

With Ranch Dressing

Hatch Green Chili With Pork

Traditional Chicken Noodle

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